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About Us

Finding Inspiration AT Every Turn

Women On The Wall Ministry is called to equip, empower and elevate women to enter into their purpose and destiny. We believe that women were design to procreate, establish and excel in every facet of life. We promote unity, authenticity, love and respect among women. We acknowledge that we are the children of God, therefore carry, live lifestyles and conduct ourselves as the daughters of Zion with prestige. We are here to motivate and stimulate through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the gifts and wisdom entrusted in us by God.

Women On The Wall Ministry Founder and COO Pastor Frances L. Banks, Is a true women of God. She is a Minister of the Gospel and a Published Author. She has a heart for people  and a extra soft spot for the women in the kingdom.

Women On The Wall Ministry is a vehicle to push the people of God to their next level. There is purpose and destiny inside each and everyone of us and, we must seek God to tap into it.

Our Story


                                                                                                                        Welcome to Women on the Wall Inc.! Our ministry is committed                                                                                                                                  to helping the kingdom find wholeness and healing through spiritual                                                                                                                              counsel and support. We believe that every person has the power to                                                                                                                              transform her life, and we provide the tools and resources to help                                                                                                                                  her tap into that power. Through our workshops, counseling services,                                                                                                                            and spiritual practices, we empower God's people to reconnect with                                                                                                                              their inner  strength and divine nature.  Join us on this journey toward                                                                                                                          spiritual and emotional well-being.


                                                                                                                       Did you know there were actually "Women on the Walls" of                                                                                                                                            Jerusalem? In the book of Nehemiah these women were partially                                                                                                                                   responsible for rebuilding what was lost to God's people, which                                                                                                                                       restored the people's faith, belief, strength and their love of God                                                                                                                                   once more. This is our mission, this is our story, we are taking up our                                                                                                                             tools and our God given gifts and talents to bring people together all           over the world,  to rebuild and restore them, to help them find there place on the wall and in the kingdom for God's glory. 


   Pastor Frances L. Banks


Meet The Team

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