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Posted on 31 May, 2015 at 21:30

This journey we call life has lots of ups and downs. You will travel a lot of crooked and straight roads and run into some detours. We often run into dead end streets and sometimes even go off course. Things that you plan sometimes will go according to how you planned it. However there are times when your plan goes all wrong and you find yourself lost and confused. There will be times when you are misunderstood and even mistreated. You will form relationship; some will be great and others not so much. You will learn some lessons the hard way and others will be child's play. You have some great wins however you have some great loses also.


Some would ask how do you make it through this life with such turmoil ? The answer is a made up mind to serve God. When you serve God, no matter what you’re going through you know He’s got your back. That ‘s when you cry out Abba (which means Father). He hears you, and He’s coming to your rescue. Have you ever noticed that once trouble hits you, that the first person the enemy wants you to blame is God. When I turned my life over to God and was born again, I went through a crazy situation where someone falsely accused me of something. I think it hit me harder because it was someone from the church and I held them at high regard ( I learned that not even seasoned church folks are perfect they make mistakes too). I must admit it truly bothered me because I don't like to be falsely accused of anything. I guess growing up within a big family when something happen you sometimes were accused of things someone else did. However I was always adamant about vindicating myself. For some reason this person was dead set on accusing of this thing, and I was adamant about vindicating myself. The end result was I was very upset about the whole situation.


Then here comes that crazy devil talking about "that's why you need to just leave church, go back to your old self. You trying to do the right thing and look how they’re disrespecting you (notice how he said they and it was only one person) and look at you all upset now (when he said this it blew my mind) and God allowed them to do this to you" Can I be honest I was listening to him at first, because I was in my feelings! However when he started blaming my God for the situation I sent my feelings packing!


Listen I had a made up mind that no matter what I faced or had to deal with I was going to serve God. Like the song says My heart is fixed my minds made up, no room no vacancy I'm all filled up, His spirit lives in me that's reason I'm soled out!. The Bible says in Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee. When you have a made up mind to serve God, crazy situations and circumstances will arrive. However the Bible says that God will keep you in perfect peace (I like that it says perfect! Not partial peace or kinda peace but Perfect!)


People of God listen, when you have a made up mind to serve God, you have the answer to all you problems. When God is the core of your life He brings stability and assurance. That's why when you have a made up mind you’re not easily shaken or turned about by every wind or doctrine. When you have a made up mind the trials may come and weapons may be formed against you, but you have the assurance that they shall not prosper! If you don't have a made up mind to serve God, let today be the day. Those that do have a made up mind keep fighting the good fight of faith!

I Love You With The Love Of The Lord

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