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Hold On!

Posted on 11 January, 2015 at 15:40

Have you ever had a Joseph moment? When God shows you dreams and visions of all the wonderful things he is going to do in your life. Then you get so excited about it, and tell all your family about how God is about to make you great. You're on top of the mountain, and then just like Joseph you get thrown in a pit, by the people you love and trust. If that wasn't enough those same people pull you out of the pit and then sell you into slavery. It becomes hard to focus on the great dreams and visions you have because your living a nightmare.


The more you try to focus on the good things that is going to happen, the pressure of your right now blurs your vision. When you close your eyes and think about what God has said and showed you about your future, but when you open your eyes its dark and your locked away in a dungeon.

One day you see a glimmer of light the prison doors are open and you have been promoted. Joseph saw that light, he was released from jail and became a servant. Joseph was content with being a servant but the wife of his master decided that she wanted to lay with him. Isn't it crazy that whenever you want to be holy and faithful to God perversion is always lurking around. Because Joseph refused to be with his masters wife, she lied on him and said he tried to take advantage of her. Joseph was sent back to prison and his dream was over shadowed again


Just when you think your finally coming out of a dark situation in your life, something happens and send you right back. You think to yourself maybe I misunderstood what God was saying to me. Doubt starts to take you over just a little bit and you start to question everything. The great thing about Joseph is that this is not how his story ended.


Guess what people of God whatever situation or circumstances your dealing with right now, its not how your story ends! Listen if God showed you your future be it in a dream or vision, just hold on, it's coming. I know it feels uncomfortable and you don't feel like your going to make it out. Let's look at what happen to Joseph, he ended up being one of the most powerful men in Egypt. The Pharaoh ended up making him second in command! Joseph was able to save his family from the great famine of his time. He was able to put his entire family and all they had in Goshen the land of provision. What God showed Joseph in his dreams came to pass just as God said it would.


People of God hold on to your dreams don't give up. Go through the process; you might have to go through the pit to the prison to get to the palace. Whatever you do, wait on the Lord. The Bible says in Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. I know it doesn't look like the dream or the vision he gave you. I know it doesn't look like your going to make it out of that situation. I know that soon as things started looking better the bottom was pulled out from under you again. But if you just hold on a change is coming! Wait on the Lord; and again I say Wait!!!

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