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Posted on 28 September, 2015 at 20:55

I can remember having the worst tooth ache every. No seriously, it was so bad that I thought I was going to lose my mind. The kicker was that it began on a weekend so I had to wait to Monday morning to go to the dentist. Listen I had never been so happy to see Monday morning in my life! I couldn't sleep, think straight (have you ever been in so much pain that your thoughts wouldn't cooperate with you?) I couldn’t eat nor get out of bed, I was just down right in pain. I remember being engulfed in, the pain and feeling like it was never going to end. (isn't it crazy that when you're in pain whether it be physical or emotional, it's a struggle to see the end of the pain). Do you every notice that your focus is on what you're going through at that now and not what's going to happen then?) For example too many people commit suicide because of the pain they are currently in. They feel like there is no way out accept death. Why? Because they were so focus on what they were going through that they did not realize that there was a way out.


Pain has a way of making you believe that it will be a continuous state of life for you. Even when you have experience that kind of pain before and was able to overcome it, it still draws you in. For example, when someone gets their heart broken in a relationship and they feel completely devastated. However they have gone through that same exact hurt in a previously relationship. One would think that person would get it that sometimes relationships don't work out the way we hope. However there is always someone else that you can try build a life with ( simply put you can love again). With that being said why do people fall apart when they go through these painful situation. It's like pain wipes away your memory and you forget all the stuff you been through, and came out stronger.


What I'm saying is that pain can rule you if you give it the power to do so. You can take back the power from pain. How do you do that? I'm glad you ask; you must have a “this too shall pass mindset.” You know why because everything that is currently causing you pain at this present time shall pass! I want you to get this and understand trouble don't last always. The Bible says that there is a time and season for everything under the sun. You will have some painful seasons where you're hurting and you feel like theirs no way out. However if you could just think back over your life, and all the pain you been through but came out on top. Listen It deosn't matter if it wasn't the same pain you’re currently dealing with. Just like that old pain passed guess what so shall your current pain pass.


I read an article about pain and it said that if your feeling pain that is extreme, you can cause a pain at another part of the body and the brain will tell the body to focus on that pain. I tried that theory for myself I used to suffer from really bad migraine headaches (thank the Lord for healing). If you know anything about migraine headaches you understand that not only do you have extreme pain in your head, but your eyes also and extreme nausea (you know it's something when sound affect you, even your breathing). One day I was having an attack ( I call it that because I felt like I was in a battle!) and I just needed a little release from the pain. I remembered the article that I read and thought to myself let me try this out. I began to pinch myself on the hand and the crazy thing was I could only feel the pain from the pinch. The pinch had override the attack I was currently going through. Why? Because I was now focused on the pinch ( keep in mind I was not pinching myself that hard) and not the pain from the migraine, even though that pain was greater.


Listen your mind is powerful! The Bible says as a man/ woman thinketh so is he/she. If you sit and wallow on your pain and keep your mind focus on it. Your present situation is going to seem like a never ending one. You may end up in an absolute state of lost and despair. That's not what your creator intended for you! He intended for you to have the abundant life. If you have the mindset that whatever you're going through shall pass, you can have that abundant life.


People of God listen the Bible says the Lord will keep those in perfect peace who's mind is stayed on him. Keep your mind on the Lord and remember no matter what you're going through it shall pass. It deosn't matter if it's sickness, hurt emotional or physical, financial whatever it is; it shall pass! Get your mind focus right now to the end of that thing that you're going through. You're not lost and you're not hopeless you are just in a season of your life that will soon pass!

I Love You With The Love Of The Lord

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