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Posted on 3 May, 2015 at 22:55

I have heard so many people tell their story about how God brought them out of crazy situations. They always proclaim that if God didn't step in, they would have been dead or would have lost their minds. They talk about the struggles, tears, the pain and suffering they had to endure. In the midst of their story I always hear the statement "But God". I almost gave up "But God" or just when I thought my life was over " But God". Then some of these same people will turn around and start reminiscing about the few minutes of good times in their pass miserable life. Some people even desire to relive those few good moments for old time sake.


It always baffled me how people can be delivered from crazy situations and either desire to go back or actually go back into them. I realize that some people don't look at the full picture album all the time, they just look at snap shots. I say that because the snap shot doesn't tell the full story, it tells/shows what happen in that moment. Let me give you a visual; A woman is looking at a snap shot of her wearing a beautiful diamond necklace. This women starts reminiscing about her ex-husband he bought her this beautiful necklace. Then she thinks to herself “why did I leave him, he must’ve really loved me, he brought me really expensive gifts all the time.” (watch this because this is just the snap shot). If you flip through this woman's album you will see the snap shot before her ex husband gave her the diamond necklace. That snap shot shows her ex husband punching her in the face repeatedly until it was bloody, dragging her to the bedroom and throwing her to the floor because he didn't like her outfit. Let's be absolutely clear here that her many expensive gifts were a result of many brutal attacks.


Listen I want you to get this, if God delivered you from your crazy situation, don't think about going back. The enemy will try and trick you and tell you not all of it was bad. Well I'm here to tell you the devil is a liar! The Bible says he is the Father of lies. If you go back into your old life you cannot live just a snap shot of it, but you will live out the whole album. That means you will have to live the little good and all the bad. Ask yourself today if it’s worth it!? Can I answer for you absolutely not! When you walk with God you can sing this song, “This joy I have the world didn't give it to me and the world can't take away”. When you get weak, the joy of the Lord will be your strength.


People of God listen, the Bible says the devil is like a roaring lion going to and fro seeking whom he can devour. Don't let him trick you with a snap shot, but be sure to look at the entire album. If God has set you free, stay free, don't look back! Your destiny is in front of you, old things have passed away and behold all things are new. Keep pressing to hit the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.

I Love You With The Love Of The Lord

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