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Posted on 16 March, 2015 at 8:00


Spring time is coming and that's the time when most people do their spring cleaning. They deep clean their homes, throw out some stuff and put away things from the winter season. I find it interesting that people prepare their natural house for the new season but not their spiritual house. We must do some spiritual cleansing also to prepare for the next season that we're about to walk into. The first thing we need to do is confront and slay every giant in our life.


What are the Giants? Every situation or issue in your life that you haven't dealt with, because you felt it was too big to handle. Whether it is financial, emotional, physical, natural or spiritual if it is hindering you it has to die!! The Bible tells the story about a young boy named David and a giant named Goliath. David was chosen by God to be the next king of Israel and Goliath was a giant and a great warrior of the Philistines, who were adversaries to the Israelite. Now the Israelites found themselves at war with the Philistines and their giant warrior Goliath, whom the Israelite army were afraid of.


Isn't it crazy that when God says you can have something the enemy will always put a giant on the front line to deter you from your promise. For instance if God tells you you’re going to be a business owner, the first thing the enemy does is send a financial giant and sit him on the frontline. You apply to bank after bank to try and get a loan and that giant is standing there blocking the path to your destiny. Now you are intimidated and in fear to continue to achieve what God said you can have because you’re too focused on who's or what's on the front line, and not the promise of God. People walk away or become stagnant with the blessing and promises of God, because what you have to go through looks big and difficult to concord. Listen people of God, there are no giants big enough or strong enough to defeat the almighty God.


David was a young boy, as a matter of fact he was too young to be in the army. However age does not matter when God wants to use you; he will do just that. He has no respecter of person. David understood that if God be with you no enemy, not even ones with Giants could stop you from reaching your promise. He also understood that what people thought they needed to defeat a giant, was not what God will equip you with. (Watch this) when David said I will go up and defeat Goliath the king at that time Saul gave David his armor to wear into battle. However David had never been in armor so he could not operate in them, they weren’t a good fit for him. David declined to wear Saul's armor and took his staff and five smooth rocks instead. (Side note) when your battling your giants use what God gives you for the battle, because what God gives you will fit you and you will be victorious, not a mockery.


Listen people of God, David a young boy defeated Goliath a giant with a rock and a sling shot. Why? Because God was with him and he knew that not even a giant could stand in the way of the promises of God. Now that we are moving into a new season it's time to kill every giant that has been holding you back from your promise. It's time to pick up your rocks and sling shot and aim for that giants head, he’s hold you back long enough. Whatever your giant is, whether it be low self esteem, depression, procrastination, stagnation, sickness or lack of knowledge, it's time for it to die!! You have all you need to defeat your giants it's time to cross the enemies line it's your season!!

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