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Posted on 23 March, 2015 at 8:00


I remember growing up we would go to my Aunt Gladys’ house to visit. Whenever we went over to her house you better believe that the WWF would be on the television. For those who don't know what the WWF is, it's the World Wrestling Federation. My auntie loved her some WWF, don't get me wrong I loved it to until I found out it was fake. Before that I loved me some Super Fly Jimmy Snuka, Hulk Hogan, Andre Tthe Giant and I Cain't Can’t forget Hacksaw Jim Duggan, I was a fan!


I remember when they use to have tag team fights. One of the wrestlers would be getting a smack down, and we would be screaming at the T.V. saying "tag him in tag him in!!" I would get so upset with the wrestler in the ring getting a beat down, because I couldn't understand why he just didn't tag his partner in so he could regroup. I mean clearly the other wrestler was getting the best of him and the object was to win the match. The partner would be practically inside the ring reaching his hand in for his partner to tag him in, and his crazy partner would not tag him. The partner would be calling out to him at ring side and the audience saying tag him in, but he would just keep taking the beat down.


I always thought those guys were out of their minds to take a beating that they didn't have to. Then God brought it to my attention that we the people of God do the same thing. I said “God wait a minute, what you talking about?” He said “So many times my children are going through a fight and I want to help but they won't tag me in. I tell them vengeance is mine but they keep trying to get back at the people who wronged them. I tell them I will fight their battles but they keep their war clothes on and stay in the battle. Then when they are wounded, broken up, weak and can't go on then they say Lord where are you?” I replied, “standing ring side waiting for you to tag me in!”


People of God stop wrestling with heart break, pain and suffering, sickness, depression are whatever you’re dealing with. You have a partner who is stronger, wiser, all powerful, all knowing and who's able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you could every ask or think! God knows your opponent better than you, he knows all his weakness points and can destroy him without breaking a sweat. Whatever you’re dealing with God can handle it, you just need to Tag Him In! He is a gentleman who plays by the rules, He cannot get into the ring while you’re still in there trying to fight.


Listen people of God, the audience is yelling at you to tag God into the ring, and God himself is leaning half way over the ropes asking for you to take his hand. If you’re tired and weary and can no longer fight the battle, Tag Him In! He can win this one for you, why waste the energy and sweat? Let go and let God. ! You don't have to be wounded, and scared for the rest of this life. Let God finish the match step out of the ring, He got this! Don't you dare go another round you might not make it, Tag Him In!!!!


I Love You With The Love Of The Lord!

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