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Posted on 29 November, 2015 at 23:10

I had this dream some time ago that has never left me. Every time I think about it, it's like I am literally experiencing it again. This dream was so real that it feels like a memory of a place I actually visited. You know how you sit and think about the places you've vacationed, and you start thinking about all the fun things you did, and the funny things people said. Yep that is exactly what this dream feels like, and it was so glorious that I desire to go to that place again! I guess you're wondering what could be so glorious about this dream? I am so glad you asked! I dreamed that I was in Heaven, and it was so real.


The atmosphere was amazing something that I have never thought of or imagine. Let me try to explain, the air was love, peace, joy, goodness and happiness; it wasn't a feeling of those things it literally was all of those things. The air flowed in and out of you and engulfed you, so much so you didn't have a choice but to be full of love, peace, joy, goodness and happiness. Listen I didn't want to fight becoming one with the air, because I had never felt so free in my life. It was as if I had no weight just light as a feather. I remember in the dream just standing there for a while trying to understand how is this air possible. I remember asking myself how can these emotions literally be in the air. I couldn't finish pondering that question because the Light stole my attention. This light was so bright that it shined brighter than any light I have ever seen. It was not blinding;it seems as if I could see clearer through this light. The light drew you into it, but you couldn't tell what direction it was coming from. I couldn't find the starting point, it was just everywhere. I must say I was mesmerized by the beauty of this light, and how it made me feel warm in cozy on the inside and outside.


Then my attention was brought to what appeared to be a field I was in. The color was awesome (for lack of a better word, because words could never describe it) it was so vibrant and alive. The grass was this amazing green, nothing like the grass we have here. This really threw me, it was like the grass was a living, functioning thing (I know that plants are living things, of course we learned that in school, but not like this) they were literally singing. The flowers were beautiful with vibrant colors and they were alive also and singing. The trees were beautiful with vibrant colors and they were alive and singing. Together they made the most beautiful harmonized music I have ever heard. ( I have been looking for that sound for years now, but nothing even comes close to it)


Listen I woke from that dream feeling like I just returned from the most glorious vacation, because it felt so real. Why am I sharing this dream with you? Because I want you all to remember what's stored up in heaven for us is even greater than this dream. Although this dream was amazing and I will never forget it, I did not get the opportunity to see my lord and savior Jesus Christ! I don't know about you but one of the reason I live this Christ like lifestyle is because I want to see Him! My God when I see Jesus, I am not going to be able to contain myself! ( I can't contain the tears right now)


People of God listen we may go through struggles in this life, and things may not work out the way we want them to. Please remember that we are living to live again. In our father’s house are many mansion, that he has prepared for you and me! This race is not an easy race nor is it for the swift or the strong; however, it's for those who will endure to the end. Listen at the end ( My God I feel glory!) We get to be like that old spiritual song they use to sing in church! " when we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be. When we all see Jesus we will sing and shout victory"!


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