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The Fork In The Road Experience

Posted on 28 June, 2015 at 23:00

We live in a world that is constantly changing at a rapid pace. Sometimes it seems like you look away for a second and when you turn back what you were looking at completely change. There comes a time when you feel like your in a good place and your comfortable. However that comfortable place becomes so uncomfortable that it's unbearable to stay but because of familiarity it's hard to leave. When you have all your stuff together and then the rug is pulled out from under you and you have to start over. However everything is so chaotic that you don't know we're to start to put things back order. I call this the fork in the road experience! That's when you've come to an road in your life that has ended. However there's two different roads that you can take but you must decide which.

I remember when my sister Raphalene and I was traveling to South Carolina to visit my Mother who was living there at that time. We was finely close to the house and very excited about that because one that ride from New York to South Carolina is no joke! Second we was excited to see our Mother we truly had missed her and longed to see her. We are driving and then we come to a fork in the road literally. So now my sister and I are looking at each other like which road are we supposed to take. Now my stepfather did tell us that we would come to a folk in the road and which road to take. However Raphalene nor I remembered what road that was exactly. I think the fact that we both was pretty fatigue had a lot to do with ( I rebuke any women drivers jokes!) needless to say we didn't remember. We sat there at the fork in the road debating which road to take. If I'am not mistaken we couldn't call my Mothers house because where we were we couldn't get a cellphone signal. After a while I just whispered a little prayer and I heard lift and off to the lift we went. To God be the glory left was the right road and we reached our destination! Listen in life we all reach that fork in the road and must decided which road is the right one to take. The fork in the road is a metaphor based on a literal expression, for a deciding moment in life or history when a major choice of options is required. I believe that God put these folks in the road to try and steer us into the right direction so we can end up on the Road To Purpose And Destiny! 

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If Saul would have never run into that fork in the road he would have never become the Apostle Paul. You must realize that Paul was at the top of his game. He was a well learned, highly acclaimed and duly noted Pharisees. However all his long study and great teaching and dedication in his words "became as Dunn" ( basically he calls it crap or dodo in layman terms). Talk about a rug being snatched from under you Paul had to go against the very thing he fought so hard for. Catch this the gospel that Saul killed people for teaching he now as Paul is one of the forerunners of spreading that very same gospel.

People of God listen I know that change is sometimes a scary thing especially when you think you have it all together. The fork in the road is not there to hinder you it's there because your current road is ending. That means that road took you as far as it could and your time on it is done (Even if it was a good road to travel on) When you come to that end of the road you become anxious and uncomfortable because you don't know which road to take. However you know you absolutely cannot stay where you are. First know that the Bible says And we know all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28) The next thing you do is just whisper a little prayer wait for that still voice and proceed in whatever direction He tells you!

I Love You With The Love Of The Lord

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