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This Devil Is Serious

Posted on 30 August, 2015 at 19:35

want to share a testimony with you (in my preacher voice is that alright). Seriously on Saturday August 29, 2015 I had a very important meeting to go to. God had lay something on my heart last year to do this year. I have been procrastinating and to be honest with you I ha allow fear to hold me back. This assignment God gave me is something that I have never done before. I don't know about you but when I am walking on unfamiliar territory its a little shaky for me. However God has been on my case telling me "the year is almost over and you have not completed that assignment". Listen when God is on your case it's only a matter time before you give in and say Yes Lord! (He has away of getting his point acrossyou don't know what I'm talking about just keep living you'll find out!)


I have this meeting scheduled and I up that morning feeling completely sick (no seriously everything hurt). I was about my condition because the day before I was completely fine. I went to work and after work I went to our weekly family bible study (we figured if a family that prays together stays together then imagine the benefits of a family that study the word of God together). I in my bed and tried to figure out what could possibly be wrong with me. As I there in thought I heard a voice say oh well you can't go to the meeting now; you're sick. That did something to me, it was like an alarm went off in my spirit and I went into fight mode! I knew this was not God telling me not to go or rather I can't go to the meeting (one thing I always pay attention to is the way things are said to me). I knew that this was spiritual warfare and I had to fight, because listen if the enemy is trying to hold you back from something that means God is about to do something Awesome!


I began to pray and said " God I know that you gave me this assignment and I will complete it, God whatever this is God I ask you to move it right now" I continued to lay in my bed and then I started doing a self diagnosis ( simply I was playing doctor). I said to myself well my head hurt and sinus is hurting so my allergies must be acting up. I got up and took some allergies medicine, and then I began to feel weak as if I haven't for awhile. I said well let me get something to eat, so I fixed myself something to eat. After I had eaten I still didn't feel right so I laid down again because I had time before my meeting. I heard the voice again this time it said you're not going to feel better just call and let them know you need to reschedule. I said devil you're a I'm going to this meeting no matter how I feel. I started texting my team letting them know what time we need to head out for this meeting. Then two of my team member got amnesia and text me back saying what meeting ( I almost lost it but God!). Listen when your head is pounding and your body is acting crazy you don't really have the stomach (literally in this case) to deal with other peoples crazy.


I got up and started to get ready to go to this meeting, still feeling horrible. I said God I'm going to this meeting no matter what, but please take away this sick feeling. I heard him say my grace is sufficient for you in your weakness I will be strong. My sister and team member pick me up and we are off to pick up the rest of the team. The moment I in the car I to feel nauseous (I thought Really Devil) and my stomach started to turn. I tried to compose myself and keep calm, thinking this to shall pass! No such Luck we were at a red light I took off my seat belt jumped out of the car and everything started coming back.(you know what I mean, trying not to gross y'all out!) I though I was done so I got back in the car but soon as we made a turn, I had to signal her to pull over ( you know the rest I will save you the details).


Listen I know that this was the enemy trying to stop me from completing my assignment. The moment I arrived to the meeting and down I didn't feel sick any longer. It was like instantly all the pain and pressure was gone! The meeting went great I will complete the assignment that God has given me before this year is finish (stay announcement coming soon). This is why I live and write about having relentless faith, because no matter what adversities you're faced with you must believe God! What makes me really rejoice is can't no devil, demon or hater stop you, when you know God is on your side! Listen my sister who never once suggested that we shouldn't go to the meeting, after having to pull over twice for me to jump out! That was confirmation for me that I had to complete this assignment. Why do I say that? My sister Lisa has a nurturing Mother spirit and the fact that she saw me in that condition, but did not suggest to cancel the

meeting was Devine!


People of God listen the enemy is like a roaring lion going about to see who he can devour. However don't get mad at the devil his doing his job, that's why you have to do yours. Understand that there will be times that you will have to complete your assignment weak, broken and even fatigue. However you must know that if God has given you the vision he has already provided provision! (I just said something) you'll better catch this if God has given you a vision He has already made provision! Listen have relentless faith when it comes to your purpose and destiny. When the question is asked what can separate me from completing my assignment? My answer would be sickness nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate me!!

I Love You With The Love Of The Lord

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