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Posted on 16 November, 2015 at 0:30

I have always tried to be obedient to everything that God leads me to do. I had a list of things that God had for me to do this year and I was adamant in completing them. How many people know that when your assignment is outside of the scope of things you are used to doing, the task seems ten times harder to complete? When it's something familiar although there might be some agitation it's easier to tell yourself I can do this, because you have done it before.

I believe God gives us these out of our confront zone tasks for two main reasons; one, to show us with Him we can do things that we thought were impossible. Two to push us into our true purpose and destiny. For example, the Apostle Peter would have never known that he could walk on water if he never stepped out of the boat! I notice something very important Peter did before he stepped out of the boat, he asked permission to step out. The definition of permission is - the act of permitting especially in giving formal consent; authorization. Watch this, if God gave you permission to do something He already knows that you’re efficient to complete the task (somebody needs to catch this) I know that it's uncomfortable to operate in a unfamiliar place, but the fact that a God put you there know that you can master it. Listen God created Adam and placed him on the earth,

(catch this) Adam was just brought into existence and put in a place he had never been, and God gave him dominion over the earth and everything in it! That means, Adam who was created by the Creator was giving control over every other created thing, that was created by the Creator ( I just said a mouthful).

 I want you to understand if God brings you to it, He already equipped you to subdue it. I know some tasks seem to be too difficult for us to complete, and we ask the question how can I do this Lord? Well if you're trying to do it yourself, that's your first mistake. The word of God says " Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit says the Lord" Alone you cannot do it, but if a God is in it there is no limit to what you can achieve. The things that seemed impossible to complete, becomes small tasks when God is in it.

 Listen my 2015 list of mandates by God seemed like a task that I could not complete. Can I be honest with you, I procrastinated on one of my assignments, because I felt like I could not pull it off. I allowed the spirit of fear to convince me that I could not pull it off. However, to God be the glory the last assignment for 2015 was completed this weekend. God laid it on my heart to have a Girl Talk Summit this year, and it was awesome because people were blessed and lives were changed!

 People of God listen when God gives you an assignment, complete it! No matter how difficult it may seem. Understand the very fact that God place the mandate on you is because he knew that you could perform it! Where ever God is placing you in life, take dominion over that place. Don't be afraid, if God gave you permission to do a thing, then you have authority over it. Walk in your authority knowing that if God be in it there is no limit!


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