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Year Of Completion

Posted on 27 December, 2015 at 22:50

This is my last blog for 2015, and I'm absolutely amazed how fast this year went by. I can remember the first blog I wrote like it was yesterday! To be honest with you when God said to me to start writing a weekly blog, I was not on board( that's my nice way of saying I was freaking out!). My anxiety came about because I was questioning, "What in the world am I going to write about every single week and would it be something that people would actually want to read?” I kept questioning God is this something that you really want me to do (in hopes that I received the message wrong or God would simply change his mind) however the answer never changed. I thought to myself well you told God you will never tell him no, and your answer will always be yes and the rest is history.

 What I learned in this year is that when God gives you an assignment, He already knows that you can complete it. Don't worry about how you’re going to get through it, just start working on it one portion at a time. I think about the saying the (old folks say) you take one step and God will take two. Every time I sat down to write the blog I prayed and asked God for direction on what to write. My prayer was and always is "Lord you give me the words to write, so that they can go out and accomplish your will and will not return to you void". Guess what happens, every time after I say that prayer, God gives me a word! That's why I give God all the glory because without him I know it would not be possible.

 I want to encourage somebody today if God gives you an assignment no matter how big it seems, just start working because your faithfulness will get you to the finish line (I like that!). I want you to know that if you are faithful to the assignment God gives you, He will provide you passage to the finish line (I feel a praise coming on!) Do you need confirmation of that? Ok watch this, the Bible says in Mathew 25:23 " His lord said unto him well done, good and FAITHFUL servant; thou hast been FAITHFUL over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. Did you catch that? because the servant was faithful of a few things, his lord made him ruler of many things.

 Listen, God will honor your faithfulness and allow you to enter into his joy ( watch this) and the joy of the Lord is your strength! What does that mean? You will have strength to complete what you thought you were too weak to handle (somebody needs to get excited!). Listen don't worry if you think you’re not strong enough, wise enough, educated enough, pretty enough or whatever you think you don't have enough of. When you have the Lord on your side you can do all things, and that means you have more than enough.

 I faced every doubt and fear that tried to hold me back from completing my assignment. Catch this because I have seen how God moved in this area in my life, I was confident about every other assignment God gave me. I was faithful and started working on the few things and God made me ruler over, all of my 2015 assignments! This is why I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that no assignment is too big if God assigned it to you.

 Listen people of God, walk by faith not by feelings, emotions or sight! We are now embarking on a new year, and this is a perfect time to seek God for your 2016 assignments. I am super excited about 2016 because I heard God say this will be the year of release! I'm looking forward to releasing some great things in 2016, and already have begun to walk in faith. I look forward to sharing all that God has placed in me in 2016, and to experience what He have placed in you! I Love You With The Love Of The Lord 

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